Police continues to arrest curfew violators

Police continues to arrest curfew violators As the situation begins to normalize on the island of Sint Maarten and curfews issued during the evening hours, persons continue to violate this law and venture out on the streets without a hurricane pass.

Between Wednesday September 20th and Thursday September 21st a total of 10 persons were arrested for the violation of the curfew. Three females in the group are also residing illegal on the island. All persons were taken to the Philipsburg Head Quarters were they will be processed and brought before the Prosecutor who will decide on how to further deal with these cases.

The policed department continues to warn the community, not to venture out on the public roads during the curfew. The department has been receiving reports of small snack bars at various locations on the island remain open for business to the public with their doors closed during the curfew.

Any business open to the public during this period is also in violation of the curfew. The owner/manager of this business caught open during this period will be held accountable for his/her actions. Curfews should be respected and followed at all times.

Police arrest 8 persons St Maarten Police Dept

Even though a 24 hours curfew until further notice went into effect prior to the passing of hurricane “Maria”, to safeguard the safety and security of the community, numerous persons did not respect this measure and ventured out on the public streets anyhow.

As a result hereof on Wednesday September 20th, at approximately 09.45 a.m. a total 8 persons were arrested on the A.J.C. Brouwers road and Bush road for the violation of the curfew. One of these persons was also caught with a quantity of marihuana in his possession, ready for distribution. The marihuana was confiscated for further investigation. A female among the group is residing illegally on the island and was handed over to the Immigration Department.

All persons were taken to the Police Head Quarters in Philipsburg where they were lead before an Acting Prosecutor and then to taken through the entire process.

The Police Department continues to warn the entire community of the consequences when one violates a curfew. When arrested for violating a curfew you will be arrested, you will be taken to police station and you will be lead before an Acting prosecutor who will decide how the case will be handled further.

You can receive punishments such as a very hefty fine or many hours of community service without compensation among others. This whole process can take several hours and may cause unnecessary delays and inconveniences. Stay at home until the curfew is lifted

—————-Communiqué de Presse———————- Saint Martin

Dans la cadre des travaux de nettoyage et de déblayage de la route nationale par le RSMA (Régime de Service Militaire Adapté) notamment au niveau de Grand-Case, le Président de la Collectivité de Saint-Martin, M. Daniel GIBBS, demande à la population de limiter ses déplacements aux urgences et aux impératifs de santé ou de service afin, d’une part, de ne pas gêner le travail en cours et, d’autre part, de pas provoquer d’engorgements du trafic routier. La situation reviendra à la normale dès demain Vendredi 22 Septembre en fin de journée.
Press release

Considering the cleaning and clearing work on the national road by the RSMA (Adapted Military Service Regime), notably at Grand-Case, the President of the Collectivité of Saint Martin, Mr Daniel GIBBS, asks the people to restrict their travel to emergencies, health or service requirements in order to ease road-work and not to cause traffic congestion. The situation will return to normal tomorrow Friday September 22nd at the end of the day.

Daily Hurricane Maria Update_ Sept. 21, 2017

Daily Hurricane Maria Update_ Sept. 21, 2017

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