I don’t harrass the St Maarten police, and I never have. What I do is take pictures of them in action. Sometimes their actions are not the most appropriate, then I’m made out to be the enemy. If you view the above photos where the officers seems so antagonized, he was simply mad because I like to record what happens at the police station. I like to record when I’m there, because then it’s not a ‘he said, she said’ thing. I ONLY record the police




If there’s an accident etc, that’s what I do. I know a lot of these officers, some are my neighbors I don’t zoom into their house, and into their yard and record it. In fact I usually ignore them when they’re not in uniform. I don’t photograph and record them because I want to catch them doing something bad. I capture the images because they are interesting to me, and as you can see by my blog views, interesting to thousands of other people. I get photos of the EMT, The Control Unit, VKS, Fire Department, and 90% like what they see. I am digitally capturing moments in St Maarten history and posting them online so that Hurricane or no hurricane people will always be able to go online and find the photos, videos etc of St Maarten.

The anger at the police station, is that I choose to record my visits there. Why? Because the craziest stuff happens while I’m there. In the above photos I believe it was the time when they had brought in a suspect. I was waiting for someone at the station about another matter. They brought in the suspect, and put him in the holding cell which is downstairs. So I was just sitting there, bored and waiting when the suspect started banging and kicking against the wall in the holding cell. So of course I pulled out my cameras. I’m sitting there there’s nothing else to do. So the guy keeps pounding against the wall and yelling, and he’s disturbing the police, and you can see it in their faces. Finally you see two of the fattest cops-I won’t say which ones- walk back into the holding cell. Now you don’t hear licks, but then the suspect starts yelling in pain “stop choking me!”, THEN THE POLICE REALIZE I WAS RECORDING AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! The police in the holding cell were choking out the guy, they weren’t hitting him. You could hear him yelling ‘you’re choking me’ etc.

So then police steps out and says you can’t record, and I say yes I can. We got into a verbal argument about what I could and couldn’t do, I believe I was also snatched up and thrown out of the police department, but I just walked right back in. There’s been a lot of incidents down at the police station. But part of the reason why I get so much good footage at the police department is that they make you wait so long in the lobby, something interesting is bound to happen.

If you notice the lobby of the police department, they have boarded it up where there used to be glass.


Because I would just sit their recording them as I waited, when I would get irritated because they wanted me to just grow frustrated by all the waiting and just leave, I would start asking them “Which one of allyou accept Theo bribe?” After I spent several occassions recording them behind the glass, I started to notice them boarding the glass up.

They try to frustrate you into not following up on a case, and much to their chagraine I just kept coming back.

So why are the police so mad at me?

Mad enough to do an illegal entry into my home?

I don’t invade their privacy, I do what the Daily Herald, SXMTIMEONLINE and everybody else does, capture the police in action.

However I am not the Police Department Public Relations officer, so I don’t feel the need to lie for them or make up fairy tales about them to make them seem like heros when they’re not. On Friday I was taking photos of the accident at LB Scott Road. One of the police officers said, “I don’t want my picture published” and it was THAT simple.

You can just ask, and I will consider your request, why are you trying to intimidate me….

Everytime you cross me I create a new SXM Police site, you just don’t know it.

The police department are like Wiley Coyote, they’ve tried so many stunts to stop or discredit me in the past, I do wonder what they are planning next.

Coming Photos and VIdeos: Fun Times at the St Maarten Police Department.


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