DEAR BILLY D OF SOS RADIO ST MARTIN, YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT and you can quote me on that!

Dear Billy D, of SOS radio, french st martin. You are full of shit. x-rey and baker jr. etc did nothing, but protect your weak ass. I was supposed to “Rollocks” you back in January 2012. DJ Rey told me not to attack you, he had your back. Back in 2009 you talked shit on your station about me, Baker told me to leave you alone. But now all of a sudden…..since you’ve been called out for the first time on your shit, you’re blaming  Rey and The Grassroots. Billy D, you don’t OWN the copyrights to “The Grassroots”, you can’t tell people that they can’t call themselves “Grassroots”, you don’t own the rights, Billy D, don’t blame anybody else, when you know who is blogging.

I called you a corrupt, hypocrite. You are a brown nosing, ass kissing, sell out Billy D, and on your radio station you kiss Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams ass, because she’s been putting money into your station since the mid 2000’s.

Billy D…Mr SOS, you KNOW who facebook you!!!!!

Billy D, you appear to be both government bought and owned. The dutch and the french government appear to have you where they want you.

Billy D CANNOT tell the “Grassroots” crew that they can’t call themselves that, because he has NO GRASSROOTS CONNECTIONS! Billy D is for Billy D!

Billy D is an immoral asshole, who loves to act high and mighty when he’s doing his dirt!!!!

Billy D…What happened to the Haitian pastor in St Martin, who diss St Martiners????? What happened with that interview.

People scared of Billy D, but he is a toothless tiger.

Every morning the same cowtowing to politicians by Billy D………. Every morning same ol’ shit.

Let me quote Shaquille O’neal to you Billy D of SOS Radio….

Tell me Billy???

“How does Sarah’s ass taste???

Can you tell us Billy D????? And I’m simply quoting Shaquille, in his dispute with Kobe Bryant.

Billy D, tell YOUR people about your relationship with the Dutch Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, the woman you call your “queen”.

Billy D sold out a long time ago, but it’s becoming more and more tedious to keep up the charade.

Billy D is NOT SOS….Biggaz is SOS!!!! Billy D would need SOS if not for his dj’s because people are realizing he sold out a long time ago.

Billy D, I dare you to respond to me. And Billy D don’t forget the 2009 videos and photos I shot at your station with Rollocks and his mistress Loyola Seymonsen. I was at your studio shooting video and photos, and EVERYONE knows who butters your bread.

Billy D you need to move to Port au Prince, and start doing for your TRUE people. You betrayed the St Martiner a long time ago.

You’re agenda is corrupt, you are a lying, corrupt, hypocrite.

You believe you have support Billy D, but check out the blog, where OVER 200 PEOPLE SHARED the blog about your dirty behind the scenes movement.

Billy D, I’ve been planning for your wrinkled old ass for sooooo long, but people like your employees and Baker dem protected you.

Guess what… Billy Bitch? It’s open season on your ass.

!copyrights sos radio st martin internet photo


11 responses to “DEAR BILLY D OF SOS RADIO ST MARTIN, YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT and you can quote me on that!

  1. hahahhaaha am glad someone is speaking out even his dumb ass sons are the same

  2. like his son high all mighty but his woman horning his ass in france and the other one always begging for money ohhh plz

  3. Lmao they should do one bout MRS LAKE

  4. Lol…..they finally caught that fake bag of shit for a st maartener. Taking all sos money to fund his pimping like he some shotta but can’t pay workers properly. Snake …….

  5. He does be up and down fucking all kinds of women and talking his self righteous bullshit on the radio like ihe has so much principle. What joke…..he is the perfect example of hyporcracy. His woman has to be one low minded, low selfesteem and a sad example of a woman. Especially knowing that is a sly mudafucka

  6. Paul got smart. He wants money….so he left………biggers will one day get a clue.that guy is rapping y’allof making money…..! Bigger need to be.elevate beyond thatparasites ambitions

  7. Billy cocky sucker… a political puppet

  8. Only on St Maarten/St Martin these kind of things can be said or done people need to stop their b.s. Billy D. show them that you went to school don’t even let yourself down and answer them.

  9. Holly crap things are going down in st. Maarten lol

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