photos today’s suspects OCTOBER 18 2013 PHOTOS JUDITH ROUMOU

Dear Police who was crying about having his picture taken, it’s not about you it’s about the process. Both you and your partner know why you will NEVER  become REAL police officers. I’m not talking about the red police he’s always cool. There were two this morning, two in those green uniforms that didn’t quite qualify for the police dept. I guess that short one thought I was going to talk about his runnings in St Peters with his brother. The only police who get on bad when someone is not even taking a photo of them, are the dirty ones who scared someone will call them out, when their photo gets posted. Certain police, NOT ALL!! They know they commited a crime, in fact more than one in June, AND THEY ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION! Now you’re mad at me? Because you’re scared I WILL VIOLATE YOU THE WAY YOU VIOLATED ME. To BOTH of those policemen…………………….

I know you both in St Peters, and I KNOW why you’re nervous.

Isn’t ironic that the police committed crimes, to catch me in a crime? Now there’s an investigations, everyone who thought they’d gotten away with it.

Dear wanna-be police one AND two. When I get a list of the police involved, I fully intend retribution.

The only difference is, it will be world wide.

Tell De Witte, I have those documents coming to him as soon as they release them to me.

I plan to take this all the way.

I type 130 words per minute, I can blog about the police ALL day!


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