With a lotta sadness, we have to announce that someone had the audacity to break in and vandalize Romain Laville’s car. Although Romain is abroad, his property on Quill Road, South Reward was compromised.

This is plain wrong!

What has Romain Laville done, other than destroy our government 3 separate times?

(he still working on the third one)

Yes he hired a hitman called the “Angel of Death”, as a bodyguard a man who people mysteriously dies around, a man who used his girlfriend as a human shield to protect him from bullets aimed his way.

Yes, Romain’s hitman was supposed to be there when Amador Jones was murdered, but this can’t be proven. And maybe the American government is working on an indictment of Romain’s bodyguard, and might use the RICO law to catch all involved (you only need 5 people involved to use RICO) but that’s still no reason to vandalize this poor St Maartener’s….. ahem….Dominican’s car.

So what if Parliamentarian Laville pulled a gun on the Mighty Dow????

So what if Parliamentarian Laville pulled a gun on his buddy, Jules James?

So what if Romain accused Theo of trying to bribe him, and went to court to start the process to sue Theo Heyliger, then three weeks later he joined Theo Heyliger???

So What????

It is still wrong to do this to this man’s property.

By the way, does anyone know where Theo Heyliger was when Romain’s car was being Vandalized?????


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