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Billy D ran as a politician on the St Martin slate, Julian Rollocks ran as a politician on the St Maarten slate.



Political satire

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Political satire is a significant part of satire that specializes in gaining entertainment from politics; it has also used with subversive intent where political speech and dissent are forbidden by a regime, as a method of Political satire is usually distinguished from political protest or political dissent, as it does not necessarily carry an agenda nor seek to influence the political process. While occasionally it may, it more commonly aims simply to provide entertainment. By its very nature, it rarely offers a constructive view in itself; when it is used as part of protest or dissent, it tends to simply establish the error of matters rather than provide solutions.[citation needed

Satire can be traced back throughout history; wherever organized government, or social categories, has existed, so has satire.[citation needed]

The oldest example that has survived till today is Aristophanes. In his time satire targeted top politicians, like Cleon,[1] and religion, at the time headed by Zeus. “Satire and derision progressively attacked even the fundamental and most sacred facts of faith,” leading to an increased doubt towards religion by the general population.[2] The Roman period, for example, gives us the satirical poems and epigrams of Martial while some social satire exists in the writings of Paul of Tarsus in the New Testament of the Bible.[citation needed] Cynic philosophers often engaged in political satire.

Due to lack of political freedom of speech in many ancient civilizations, covert satire is more usual than overt satire in ancient literatures of political liberalism. Historically, the public opinion in theAthenian democracy was remarkably influenced by the political satire performed by the comic poets at the theatres.[3] Watching or reading satire has since ancient time been considered one of the best ways to understand a culture and a society.[4][5][6]

During the 20th and 21st Centuries satire is found in an increasing number of media (in cartoons as political cartoons with heavy caricature and exaggeration, and in political magazines) and the parallel exposure of political scandals to performances (including television shows). Examples include musicians such as Tom Lehrer, live performance groups like the Capitol Steps and theMontana Logging and Ballet Co., and public television and live performer Mark Russell. Additional subgenres include such literary classics as Gulliver’s Travels and Animal Farm, and more recently, internet Ezine and website sources such as The Onion,, the Humor Times, and the Happening Happy Hippy Party. Some websites exist solely to poke fun at politicians, per the examples below.

19th century


One example is Maurice Joly‘s 1864 pamphlet entitled The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu (Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu), which attacks the political ambitions of Napoleon III. It was first published in Brussels in 1864. The piece used the literary device of a dialogue between two diabolical plotters in Hell, the historical characters of Machiavelliand Montesquieu, to cover up a direct, and illegal, attack on Napoleon’s rule. The noble baron Montesquieu made the case for liberalism; the Florentine political writer Machiavelli presented the case for cynical despotism. In this manner, Joly communicated the secret ways in which liberalism might spawn a despot like Napoleon III. However, The Prince itself has also been sometimes understood as political satire.


According to Santayana, Nietzsche was actually “a keen satirist”.[7] “Nietzsche’s satire” was aimed at Lutheranism.[8]



  1. good! billy d is a hypocrite i hear him on the air.
    not supporting no billy d protest to go to jail

  2. the sickest shit
    biggaz a proud gay woman? then she wouldn’t be working with billy posted on wrong story

  3. and by the way can someone tell me on what date this wedding took place cause when I see billy D aka buffalo bill I want to shake his hand and congratulate him

  4. any form of advertisement is good, billy dont have to feel no way your blog reach thousands as does his radio station, keep giving him free advertisment, you cant bring a good man down

    • I need to thank Billy 4 inspiring me, people have already printed out his wedding album photo. I don’t have the equipment but a couple a printers on the St Martin side, already printed out posters a Julian and Billy on the wedding day. 90% readers to this blog are outside Billy’s radio range, you think they’re gonna google some random radio station to hear Billy Bitch about Roy Marlin stealing he gas bum money? And how do the advertisers gain anything. 90% readers to this blog are in Europe, Canada and Paris, so they couldn’t buy the shit he selling on his radio anyway. I wonder whether Billy will run in politics again, because you know his opponents will have their own Billy boy campaign poster The St Maarten Gay Community also need to thank Billy D and Julian 4 their support. enjoy

  5. anonymous i don’t know about billy being a good man, i do know now when i google anything billy d and sos it takes me directly to this site. I’m not sure if this lady is who I want as a representative to the worlds view of me. Google billy d sos radio, ten pages saying billy d full of shit not the best advertisement strategy on line.

  6. Does not change anything in the end

  7. Hi,
    It is defenetly a bad advertisement, specialy when the author of these articles is beeing extremly unprofessional.

    It is okay to place your point of view, but have a minimum of Respect and choose your words carefully. This makes you no better than any of these people you are talking about.

    By the way, its been weeks now you kept talking about the samething, bringing out evidences, doing ridiculous pictures, …. isnt that a bit childish ? arent you “punging mélé” yourself ?

    I am pretty sure theres way better things to talk about right now, and a few of your readers know that for a fact.

    As a conclusion: Be professional, stop using bad words and stop “punging mélé”.

    Complementary information:
    You said:
    – “90% readers to this blog are in Europe, Canada and Paris, ” :
    Just so you know, Paris is in Europe.
    – ” 90% readers to this blog are outside Billy’s radio range, you think they’re gonna google some random radio station to hear Billy” :
    Get your stats up cause here in Europe, we do listen to SXM radios thru phones, tablets, computers,… And lucky thing we do, cause we would have to believe word for word the non-sense you are blogging.

    I’ll be around …


    • 1st, Before attempting a debate, learn how to spell – THAT – is unprofessional, you can’t even get your second word correct!
      2nd, What is my profession? I’m a cynical, satirical blogger, Google that, then come back to me.
      3rd, I respect those, who respect me. Billy D thought I was an easy target, but I’m an easy target with computer skills.
      4th, Like 99% of St Maarten/St Martin I LOVE melee! This is a melee blog… couldn’t figure THAT out? Billy D pung melee all day like he has a vagina.
      5th, I run over 500 blogs/sites, so Billy D is just a random hit….simple! I create over 10 search pages of St Maarten, each and every day, you can’t pretend like Billy D is even a priority. I have over 2 million subscribers 99% have never heard of Billy D. Because you come to this one particular blog, obsessing every day, it seems to you like I’m focussed on Billy, but that’s just because my “employees” 🙂 are working overtime.
      6th, If you think I’m unprofessional on this blog, you should catch me down at Parliament and Government Building with my cameras screaming at those lying Ministers and Parliamentarians. ” THEO! HOW MUCH MONEY DID YOU BRIBE ROMAIN LAVILLE THIS TIME??? I’m the most unprofessional bitch I know, but then again I’m a satirical blogger, and NOT a journalist!
      7th, I know where Paris is, but since my “f” key went out, I have to copy and paste it from drafts, which can be very tedious. I think god is punishing me for using the “f” word so much. So let me copy and paste this for you….Europe, North America, South America make up the majority of my readers. The population of St Maarten, is too small to bring in sometimes 45.000 views overnight.
      8th) If you’re in Europe, listening to Billy D cry about his gas bum crisis with Roy Marlin, when everybody know both Billy and Roy Marlin between Sarah quarters….. then you have no life! Discover “farmville” or something.
      9th) Perhaps instead of listening to the radio, you should be taking online courses in spelling, diction, grammar and debate. I do make typos etc. But I type over 15.000 words per day, I’m entitled to an occasional mistake, you couldn’t even get your second word right.
      10th) If you’re trying to “BeReal”….Then maybe you should debate me in french, you’re simply not going to win a debate with me in English, and certainly not a debate about Billy D……

      Thank you for your input, you get an “A” for effort, but a “D” for putting together a very weak, semi literate argument, without an actual point. Maybe there was a point, but it was lost somewhere in there.
      Looking forward to further communications 🙂

      lol! One more thing, according to Billy D AND his sister Perle des Iles, SOS Radio was HACKED! Now I got that data directly, because they’re saying that I’m the Hacker!!!! Now someone hacking Billy D would certainly copy all data, which means you might just be asking 4 evidence to catch me in your little ‘hacker’ accusations net. I’ll be nice to Billy D…..Billy D, I did NOT hack your lil SOS account, although I did laugh when I was told about it. The person who accessed your accounts, is the person at SOS who has all your password. I’m not a psychic. Somehow outta the blue I guess Billy’s passwords? It’s your employee Billy, and that’s all I’ll give you today.
      Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m about the “hunt”, NOT the “kill”. Watch a cat in action, you’ll understand me better.

  8. You respect those that respect you, well why not respect the readers of your blog ?
    They are many ways to give out a point of view without beeing impolite.
    Kids are surfing the net, falling on this blog that has no under age restriction sign up, like reglementation ask bloggers to do.
    And you dare talk about respect ?

    Please spear me the talk about your computer skills and how many views and blogs you have.
    I am a 28 year old Saint-Martiner CEO of an innovating IT company with over 80 IT enginneers with a turnover of 4.5 Million euros this year.
    So please stop trying to impress me and let me smile at your little wordpress free blog.

    As you can tell, my comments has nothing to do with Billy D or who ever you may have personal problems with. But i can tell that the Billy D story is painful to you as you dont miss a chance to bring it up.

    Trust me, i am really not “trying” to Be Real, i am simply beeing real to you.
    Your obsession and ridiculousness over Billy D is killing your blog.

    Yes i do read your articles, just like i read many more. Beeing far from the island, we have no choice but to read local blogs and stream all radios.

    unfortunately not all blogs are relevant ;).

    By the way Sir, your answer has nothing to do with my previous comment. Stick to the subject even if your obsession is saying the opposite. Thats how i know we can not debate. French or English.

    I’ll be around …



    I respect that they have a choice.That there are millions a blogs out there. I respect that adults have the capacity to decide what they want to read. They have the choice to go read Bibi, they can read Samuel Allen, They can read Barbara Cannegieter, there are a host of alternatives, yet you and THOUSANDS choose to come here. You’re like the bitch at Mcdonalds complaining about Calories. YOU CHOSE TO COME HERE, AND YOU OBVIOUSLY KNOW HOW I BLOG!!! GTO!


    kids are on the internet? how about members in government our government screwing these underage girls, getting them pregnant, and everybody wiping there mouth dry. HOw many st maarten children on the internet right now doing webcams on adult sites? How many st maarten children in videos posted on line? A blog is now responsible??? People need to start calling out the paedophiles in government who breeding these young girls, rather than blaming a blogger, blogging their opinion. Someone should just bust the bucket on these scandalous assholes in government. Which government veteran screw that little 4 year old child on the beach??? with the Trinidad woman witnessing the whole thing? and everybody in st maarten know about the member in sarah’s cabinet who slept with that child!!!! everyone!!


    SIR? you sooooo retarded you don’t even know that i’m a she! lol!! morons backing morons

  12. Here you go again using bad words.

    Can you place one comment without “trying” to be aggressive ?

    I do read all these blogs and i do place my point of view on all them so dont feel all grown because i am on yours today.

    I am sorry, i thought this was a LOCAL place, didnt know it was a greasy full of calories (bullshit) McDonalds.

    Now i understand 🙂

    I’ll be around …


  13. how does billy talk with rollocks cock in his mouth?

    dude you’re embarrassing!! You’re an innovative engineer, but you can’t spell the words? You work with a multi million dollar company, but you can’t grasp basic grammar. I have wordpress blogs, and dot,com sites. Why the hell I’m I spending money to blog about the government when I can do it with ZERO overhead, and YET get PAID by GOOGLE to post ads.!!! you are NIGGA dumb! Run your comment through “spellcheck” to see how embarrassed you should be to claim to be lol “professional”. How the *uck am I supposed to be impressed with that? Do they all have the same obvious learning disabilities that you have? Do you know what zero overhead means? Do you know what “disposable” site means??? But you work in IT. Name the company, you lying sack a shit.

  14. How do you want me to know that you are a Woman ?

    Such dirty words, i could not expect a woman’s mouth to be so dirty. My bad “miss”.

    Thats exactly the problem here, their are so many other important subject but still you choose to blog the non-important gossip.

    Lets do an article on all these kids on webcams you are talking about, or what about an article on children abuse ? People would LOVE that.

    The kids i refer to, are mainly the ones on facebook. No doubt on that, your blog been running alot if not mainly thru facebook. A social network FULL OF KIDS, specialy in our saint-martiner community.
    So all these bad words and gossip? is that what you care to teach others ?

    You clearly have a problem expressing yourself with a professional attitude. NOBODY reading this blog can say the opposite.

    Dont blame my honesty for saying it out loud.

  15. OMG tell me you are not talking about the few cents google ad-words sent to you ? lol

    No this is a joke.

    “Nigga” dumb you say … a bit racist isnt it ?

    I am not trying to impress you with anything.

    The truth is killing you so you keep trying to find something to jump on.

    By the way computer skill lady, there’s no such thing as a dot com site.

    • That’s how I know that you have no clue what you’re talking about. Google only sends you a check a you make $100 dollars. So I sent you the links to a few of my sites. Now what you need to do, is look at the “Views” on each site, and calculate in your mind how much those 500 sites are making. Now realize that it’s more than Google adsense. e.g. at: you’ll see ads placed by other companies…which i get paid!!! Then on this site and the other wordpress sites you’ll see other advertisers that are not google. You claim to be a lotta things, but you’re showing very little knowledge about computers, IT or anything else that has to do with intelligence. oh yeah, in that link DO YOU SEE .com ??? Well THAT makes it a .com site, and you’re claiming to be a CEO in IT???? YOU?????

    • nigger is racist, nigga is not…………learn your slang, go to the “Urban Dictionary”, you could be doing so many more valuable things with your time. and in 2013 women use swear words…………..shocking.

  16. “Nigger is racist, Nigga is not” ? did you really say that ????

    Whats the difference ? Nigga is an Urban way of writing Nigger, that does not change the meaning of the word. WOW !!! lol

    • I lived in the USA 16 years, Nigga is used as a term of endearment, Nigger is not,
      take it from someone who lived among NIGGAZ, and it’s how you say it and who says it. Like Romain Laville said… “English is a funny language”, it’s alright, i don’t believe you’ll understand. What did you think of Jay-Z’s Nigga in Paris? Were you bumping to that in france, with the 80 IT’s while being CEO of your million dollar company. Did you contact Jay-Z,the way you contacted me, to let him know that it wasn’t appropriate?

  17. I will say it again, its men who want to go out and protest always talking bout gay and antiman, they’s who gay. as a man i don’t spend my time thinking about what gay people doing, but people like billy d obsessed with who shove which dick in who ass. That tells me bout Billy D!!!! All he think about, talk about, obsess about is who dick in who ass! punk!

  18. Billy D is such a skunt, and he treat he employees like shit, now when one a them give out his SOS radio password he want to cry. Billy D is good and what he does, conning little people with coupons at christmas. Billy D own employees don’t have anything good to say about him,

  19. cant stop laughing

    Hey Rollocks have you introduced Billy D to your threesomes yet? You know Menage et Trois like you had with that one partner who play in the brass band

  20. oh billy d pretending now like he never suck cock lol

  21. when i think a this man preaching anti homo gay i laugh and laugh and laugh. somebody say when a man got to be up another man ass to see what up there, maybe he’s the batty boy

  22. the ghost of Snoopy the Mighty Greg

    i wonder if Snoopy Mighty Greg forgive Buffalo Bill for selling his cd’s and stealing all greg money. I’m snoopy family, Billy and secrets don’t stay secrets for you have a dead man on your conscience

  23. what is the big deal about a cartoon? everywhere in the world do this nobody up in arms going crazy because somebody photoshop a picture. they photoshop all politicicans in all countries. people are sheep. these two men are politicians, i live in st maarten, i know the dishonesty in Rollocks, he just cause he brother to lose he business the same brother he tell them not to pay rent to the brother on the street. people worshipping rollocks like a god, the man evict his own mother! He sue he own brother! He rob he other brothers! and now hes a saint. Billy D is a crook, turning st martin into Haitian town. Why nobody vote Billy in the election? because you can like him as a person but know he will be another dirty politician. When they post billy d get a girl pregnant in the emails, he say he get hack. so the email true? Billy d didn’t say he didn’t get a under age girl pregnant, his response was that he was hacked. Now we have people jumping on one person who have the guts to do this. I like these blogs, I don’t want to read what they telling the newspapers because its lies. Just in today paper they show what Rollocks do he brother again, trying to kill him. Billy sit side by side with this man, and smile and back him up. Every dog has its day

  24. haha! i was waiting!!! haha at least romain do three some with two woman, julian did threesome with a woman and a man, the tall partner at Rouge et Noir casino. When you call in the radio, ask julian about the threesome he do, and who had the video blackmailing him with it. Because that’s been going around since 2009 and Jacinto Mock ask Julian about it, but it mess up his political career …..hmmmmmm i need to start my own threesome

  25. consuelamodesta

    billy d not gay, i’m a woman who sleep with he, bi maybe but not gay. he does have a small peepee and anger. maybe small peepee cause the anger?

  26. hhm if its a man and a woman and the woman got a vibrator strap on is that still gay. Because if its a man and woman, it can’t be gay thats my two cents

  27. injusticeinsalubrite

    Judith. Billy D is the uncle of my two children. BUT he refused to assist me. He in fact told me never to contact him Today I was listening how he boasted he has succeeded in life as he sent his children to university. They are the cousins of my children. My daughter went to meet them. They had never heard about my daughters and did not know that they existed. Did you know that appartently Billy D has two children outside his marriage? I did not know that but his two children told my daughter when she went to meet them for the first time. Hmmmmm He is really a strange man. His father once told me: ‘You made one mistake You went back for a second and he refused to see my children. The father of my two children is reputed to be a half brother of Billy D. Who knows with all the gossip here who is telling the truth. I battle on and will never give up the fight. Pamela

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