Obama campaign website taken down!

lulzsecThe Syrian Electronic Army scored its latest victory tonight by taking over a campaign website for President Barack Obama.

The hacking group, which is aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, took down a donations site for the president’s site Organizing for Action.

However, the electronic victory was small compared to previous conquests and it was short-lived. Within less than an hour after being taken down, the Obama campaign site was back up.

For about an hour on Sunday, users who tried to reach a donation page on Obama’s campaign website, right, were greeted with a simple three-word message: ‘Hacked by SEA’



Additionally, the hackers were able to take over only a secondary donations page. It was an older page – still on the site, but was no longer being used.

When users attempted to access the site Sunday night, they were automatically re-directed to a page on the Syrian Electronic Army’s server that had the simple message: ‘Hacked by SEA.’

Since 2011, the SEA has been a high-profile pro-Assad force in the West.



In August, the group was able to disrupt the New York Times web page multiple times. Twitter, CNN, the Huffington Post and Global Post have been targeted, as well.

The Times has been targeted several times, but perhaps the most high profile assault came when the group was able to take nytimes.com offline for two hours.

The SEA has proven one of Bashar al-Assad’s most effective propaganda weapons in the West during Syria’s brutal civil war


In September, the group published several pictures of American servicemen holding signs saying they opposed a U.S. attack on Syria. The group obtained the pictures by hacking the servicemen’s Facebook accounts.

The group ramped up its activity when President Obama announced his intention to strike Syrian government targets with missiles after the government was blamed for launching  chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

Assad later agreed to allow international monitors oversee the destruction of its chemical weapons stockpiles – a compromise orchestrated by the Russians, who support Assad.

As a result, Obama agreed not to launch an attack on the Syrians.

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