The body discovered in Marigot has been identified as Joe Richardson, a gangmember according to sources, and one very familiar with the French authorities

MARIGOT–The lifeless body of a man was found on the rocks offshore near the whale observation platform on Coralita Road between French Quarter and Oyster Pond on Sunday.

Commandant Paul Betaille of the Gendarmerie confirmed the body discovered at 8:00am was that of an Antillean black man in his 30s. He added murder is suspected, but declined to give any further information that could compromise the investigation.

Elsewhere over the weekend, some 10 Gendarmes conducted a traffic control at the Agrément roundabout on Saturday night between 8:00 and 11:00, mainly to check sobriety of motorists. Thirty car drivers were pulled over in the control, seven of whom were found to be over the legal limit to various degrees for alcohol consumption.

Present to observe the control were Préfet Philippe Chopin, Commandant Paul Betaille and Commandant of the mobile division 47/1 from Dijon, Commandant Le Guen.

vesuvius-4-photos-judith-roumou-1141 - Copy

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