A few weeks ago I started travelling with the bus from Maho to the area of Daily Extra Supermarket and vice versa. last Saturday I took the bus to Maho at around 1pm and I asked politely to stop at the roundabout at Maho. During exiting the bus I paid my 1 dollar as I did in the previous weeks. I got a rude remark that it was $1.50 from KfC and I replied that I always paid 1 dollar.
The driver became very agitated and started cursing that I was a liar and was stealing 0.50cents from him. To stop this argument I gave him 1 dollar more and told him to keep the change for the pleasant journey.
When I was outside he started cursing my mother and with that he reached my limit and I told him what to do with the money. He went crazy an got out with a machete and threatened to cut me in pieces. Luckily there were also a few other passengers and they talked to him while I calmly walked away.
Is this how we treat each other for 0.50cents, to be cut in pieces? Every traveller by bus, if you see bus 60, avoid it as there are many other buses going the same way with more decent drivers. As for the police force in St Maarten, if you come across this bus, have a word with him and see about the machete by the drivers seat.

This is a repost, requested by the bus drivers who believe that there should be enforcement of the tariffs by clearly posting signs with bus rates on EVERY bus. When there is no organization, there are always incidents.
There will be more blogs concerning the bus drivers and the current government issues.

Police Hold Up On Tha BoardWalk (Sxm) 29Police Traffic inspector Benjamin Gout headed a meeting on Wednesday, between the police and the bus drivers at the Philipsburg police station. These talks were a follow up meeting to talks held on October 22nd, concerning the upcoming busy holiday season. During the talks many issues such as road closures, traffic diversions and the use of Backstreet were discussed. The meeting was well attended. The issue of drivers not having representation from any association or organisation  was also a topic of discussion with one of the busdrivers being appointed as contact person between the two parties. Agreements that were made between the bus drivers and the police to alleviate the traffic in Philipsburg are as follows:

-Buses will be stationed at the Little League Ball Park on Soualiga Boulevard.

-5 spaces will be reserved for buses on E. Camille Richardson street opposite the Windward Islands Bank.

-At regulated times buses will leave these spaces and be allowed to enter Back Street. At the same time five other buses will leave The Little League Ball Park and fill the spaces opposite the bank, until it is their turn to go into Back Street.

-Stopping on the road, causing unneccessary traffic, hold-ups at Afoo in Colebay and the Walter Nisbet Road (Pondill Road) will not be permitted. Bus drivers violating this regulation or committing any other traffic violation will be fined.

-All buses and their drivers will be checked to make sure that all necessary documents are in order.

-All buses must carry a tariff card, visible to the genral public, informing them of the prices that are stipulated by law for each trip.

The police and bus drivers aim to implement these regulations as soon as possible. Exact dates are yet to be announced.

-On behalf of the bus drivers, the Police Department would like to remind the general public that when a bus is used as a mode of transportation it is stipulated by law that “YOU PAY AS YOU ENTER”.



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