These are new pictures at the police department, when I ran into police officer Rasputin. I don’t like Rasputin, because twice he has illegally violated my rights as St Maarten, and both times he thought I would not remember his “gezicht”. He was the one who took me to that feces/shit covered cell when they tried to arrest me on bogus racism charges. And he is the one who illegally entered my property at 3 a.m HANDCUFFED me, and took me. I kept asking him what my charges were he refused to tell me. I’m supposed to get over all this shit they’ve pulled on me, but I won’t. I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. The only reason I’m going to the station is to schedule an appointment with Beryll and De Witte, I’ve been there 4 times now, same run around bullshit. I will be back, and each time I come in, I will record. I told de Witte was there, but when I looked he’d disappeared…like magic.


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