PHILIPSBURG–Another motorcyclist was involved in an accident at exactly the same location where the rider of a motorbike was killed only two weeks ago.
French rider M.G. (34) was said to have been riding below the legal speed limit and was wearing a helmet. He was riding in a straight line on Little Bay Road towards Philipsburg when a small blue vehicle turned left onto the same road from the Divi Little Bay Resort exit. The woman driver, whom witnesses believe to be a resort employee, was said to have failed to see the rider and did not give him the right of way.
Her vehicle crashed into the motorbike and caused the rider to fall to the ground. First aid was given to the rider by a French “Erick” ambulance that happened to be passing by. However, this ambulance refused to take the rider to a French-side hospital as he had requested, but called another ambulance on the Dutch side instead.
The rider was complaining of lower back pains and witnesses believe that a backpack he was carrying saved him from worse injuries. He was taken to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) where X-rays were taken to investigate the possibility of a broken knee, toes or back.
Relatives of the man expressed their concern that no measures have been taken since the serious accident in which a man died two weeks ago. “I hope that the authorities are woken up by this second accident, and realise that measures such as speed bumps need to be installed at the exit of Divi Little Bay Resort,” said a relative who preferred not to be named.


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