St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Romero Clifton David to 4 years imprisonment for attempted manslaughter on his girlfriend on July 6, firearm and ammunition possession and for theft with the use of violence against his girlfriend on August 6. The punishment is on a par with the prosecution’s demand at the trial on November 14.

The 23-year-old defendant pointed a gun at his girlfriend while she was lying in bed on July 6, saying: “How do you think the boys feel when the police point their guns at them?” while the girlfriend did not answer the question, David pulled the trigger, hitting his girlfriend in her left breast. According to a medical report, the woman will have to live with this bullet in her body for the rest of her life. The medical report furthermore states that the injury could have caused the victim’s death.

A month after the shooting incident – described by the girlfriend as “accidental” David robbed the woman of her cell phone during an argument. David told investigators on August 13: “We had an argument about her seeing a guy from Anguilla. So during the argument I took her Blackberry phone. The phone was hers.”

Not only did David take the phone, he also grabbed his girlfriend by the collar of her polo shirt in such a violent way that the fabric tore.

The court rules that the defendant had committed four crimes: attempted manslaughter, possession of a firearm and ammunition and theft with the use of violence. “These facts together draw a picture of someone who easily crosses limits and in doing so uses violence and even potentially deadly violence,. The defendant took an enormous risk by pointing the firearm at his girlfriend’s chest and by firing the weapon. A partner is someone that has to be provided with safety and protection. The defendant did not show any respect for his girlfriend’s life. It is expected that she will have a bullet in her body for the rest of her life. That this was not an incident appears from the fact that the defendant took his girlfriend’s phone with the use of violence just one month later.”


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