As soon as Brenda Brooks hobbled out of her SUV with crutches and a broken leg, you know all types of theories starting amassing in my head. So I asked her who broke her leg, and harrassed her a bit. You know in St Maarten we enjoy the pain of others. Well Brenda is an athlete so she broke her leg playing volleyball. By the way I don’t advertise 4 Brenda Brooks or anyone else. People straight up asked my, why don’t you advertise and promote my business the way yo promote Brenda? I don’t have ANY advertisers LOL! St Maarteners pay Google to post ads, I post St Maarten blogs, Google does relevant advertising so Google posts ads to my sites, I get paid. Some have criticized me saying that its small change etc etc etc. Okay, but I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sites, so you do the calculations. St Maarteners pay me for my work lol, they just pay me through Google. And I’d rather deal with Google when it comes to money any day, than with anyone in St Maarten. Google pays on time, gives you itemized statements…. I can deal with Google. Advertisments are placed either on the left, right or under a blog. I post Brenda Brooks info because like in the USA, everyone in St Maarten should know their rights to a lawyer. When you in trouble with the law, there’s nothing that you can say that your lawyer can’t say better so STFU!!! And don’t sign ANYTHING. I have a twisted sense oF humor, I love when the suspects Flip oFF the camera. More random blogs and photos etc today.

Law office St Maarten
Welcome to the official website of Brooks & Associates. This site was purposely designed to provide information about the firm and the services we offer.

We offer legal counsel and services in various areas of law, with specialism in Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, Collection cases and Execution Law. We aim to provide our clients with a professional, effective and affordable service.

For further inquiries please feel free to contact us at

Brenda Brooks Courthouse Philipsburg Office Brooks Legal

Our law office is located in Philipsburg overlooking the Great Bay and is within walking distance of the Courthouse.
Frontstreet #92 • Royal Palm Plaza • Philipsburg • Sint Maarten
Tel: +(1-721) 5433006 • Fax: +(1-721) 5433007
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