Shanieska Brooks stabbed Kimberly Illidge to death last year in Middle. She is the young female in handcuffs, being led into the Courthouse. The case is now back in court and Prosecutors are demanding 8 years for Brooks, and a 5 year, conditional sentence for Eric Johnson, who has been charged as an accomplice to the crime, after providing  Brooks with the knife used in the killing.

The court will announce its final verdict on the case on March 19th 2014.

Shanieska Brooks, who will turn 18 on March 8th, now claims that she did not intend to kill 17 year old Kimberly Illidge.

Threatening text messages and phonecalls to Illidge on the day of the maurder were used as evidence of premeditation, but Brooks said that she sent the threatening messages out of anger, and not because she intended to kill Kimberly Illidge. Brooks claims that she had only accepted the knife from Eric Johnson, to use it in case she had to defend herself. She claimed that she felt that Illidge, who was physically bigger than her, would have the advantage, had there been a physical encounter.

According to the Prosecutor, Brooks had the chance to walk away, but assaulted Illidge anyway, because “everybody wanted to see a fight”

The prosecutors feel that incriminating text messages sent before and after the crime, shows pre-meditation. Excerpts of the messages by Brooks, quoted by the prosecutor:

“”It is she, or me” and damaging messages such as “Yo, I killed Kimberly, I’m going to Point (Point Blanche) now.

Brooks claimed that there were adults around, who could have stopped the fight, and although she did send threatening letters to the victim, she insisted that they were out of anger, and that she could not believe that she had committed the act.

Shanieska Brooks,brutally plunged a 14 centimeter long knife into Kimberly Illidge. The attack was so savage, the handle was broken, as it entered the victims body.


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