32 year old Devon Otto, was described as the “Terror” of the Point Blanche prison, and a gangleader at the prison.  Apparently two prisoners to take matters into their own hands by taking Devon Otto out. An improvised machete (shank) was made by 29 year old Nashon Elwin Francis was used to stab Otto in the head and neck area, in an obvious case of attempted murder. 33 year old Carnicio D.S. Warner was also charged in the crime.

Devon Otto had been transferred back to the St Maarten Point Blanche prison, after attempting to kill, and seriously maiming two other prisoners in Curacao’s Koraal Specht prison. Otto had originally been charged with murder in St Maarten , and had been transfered to Curacao for his own safety. After his involvement in the assault and murder in Curacao, he had been returned to St Maarten. Nelson, the assailant shares a cell with the equally notorious Omar “Chucky” Nelson, who also had an attempt on his life at the Point Blanche prison last year.

In October of last year, Otto was given an additional 9 years to his sentence for his attacks in the Curacao prison. Because he was in grave danger at the Curacao prison, he is serving out his additional sentence, once again in St Maarten.

According to Francis, Otto was a terror, an extortionist and a gangleader, who had assigned another prison to slap Francis. This according to Francis is the reason why he improvised a machete, and waited for Otto. The attack against Otto was well planned and carried out as Otto was returning from a visit with the prison’s social worker.

Francis made it clear that the attack was attempted murder, and that he had every intention of ‘chopping’ up, and killing Otto, Otto according to Francis, was no one to joke with.

Although Francis confessed to his part in the attack on Otto, Warno denied any role in the murder attempt.

Otto used a broom and dustpan to ward off the attack, but was still seriously injured and spent several days under heavy protection in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the St Maarten Medical Center.

Warno denied any involvement in the attempted murder, and claimed that he was being framed by other prisoners who were afraid of Otto. Francis on the other hand, had no problem discussing his role in the attack, but denies that the attack on his cellmate Omar “Chucky” Nelson had anything to do with it.

Francis, who was originally imprisoned for armed robbery in 2010, will now see an additional 7-8 years added on to his 11 year +10 months sentence for the murder attempt.

Warno, who was also imprisoned for burglary was also given 7-8 years, although he denied all involvement in the crime.

Attacks at the Point Blanche prison has been escalating, and several prisoners were hospitalized for various vicious crimes, including Erno Labega Jr, who was stabbed, but managed to break his attackers jaw.

More coming up on local crime and sentencing with the Middle Region Kimberly Illidge case.

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