MURDER IN DUTCH QUARTER, FERNANDO SUSPECT IN YARDIE’S MURDER apology and photo retraction until full confirmation

twice the police department was visited to confirm information, twice we were in no way told that the information was anything but factual, now we’re being told that that name of the assailant is different, and therefore the photo is not the suspect. So we can confirm the victim, and we’ll leave it at that for now. Apologies if the wrong original photos were posted, nothing was posted until there was a visit to the police department right after the arrest, and the name was confirmed then.

According to sources at the scene, Fernando and “Yardie” had a confrontation about Yardie’s daughter, and Yardie had a pipe, the pipe was taken and used against him and he was killed. There’s so much speculation going on right now, like I said at Facebook, I will wait until Ricardo Henson says something. Because I did speak to the police station twice today, so I don’t understand, the lady officer did say on the second visit that the suspect had been brought in back, so she couldn’t confirm the photo, so it was removed. When I went early the suspect was confirmed



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