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Last week there was a murder in Dutch Quarter. I was told that the killer was Fernando C. I went to the police station that morning to confirm the name- the name was confirmed. I returned later to the police department to confirm the picture of the suspect. I was told that he was brought up through the back, but the picture was confirmed. Less than an hour later reports came back that it was Fernando J. Immediately the story was retracted, there was an apology, and a message was sent to the original Fernando, apologizing and explaining the mistake. The story and photos were pulled down within the hour. Just now I was at the police station, and the detective asked me about it. She said who told you that it was Fernando C? I said YOU the police, and I came down here to verify the name, I was told that it was Fernando C by your police at the station. Detective asked me who verified the picture. The response “YOU” because I returned with the photo to verify, and the police lady stared at the picture and looked at the picture, and confirmd and said he was upstairs in a cell. When you go to the police on more than one occassion to verify a story, and the police confirm a name and a picture you assume the story is right. The detective just asked me if I could post another apology and retraction- of course I can. I don’t know this person, so no one can pretend anything was posted with malice. One assumes when the police confirm something then its correct. I don’t pick out people I don’t know and try to post misinformation about them, if I were that way, there would be no need for return trips to the police department to confirm or verify anything. Now the detective tells me that I have to verify everything with Ricardo Hensen.. Great! Now you tell me, after I’ve been set up, but guess what? Ricardo Hensen evidently can send all info to any illegimate press reporter or journalist, however he can’t email the locals with the real information. I just came home with PEDRO CANNEGIETER! The person who was wrongly accused uncle. And Pedro has known me and my mother for years. Pedro knows what I do. He knows that I didn’t just write anything, I went to confirm and verify. He also knows that I sent and apology, retracted the story and the photo, and explained what happened. Whether it was a genuine mistake by the police at the station who gave me misinformation, or simply another way to try to discredit the blogs- I don’t know. I do know whenever there is a mistake posted, there is an immediate retraction and apology. The blogs have posted over 10.000 times in 5 years. This is the SECOND big mistake, and understand this mistake was made AFTER twice verifying. Once again I apologize to Fernando C, but it was not done in malice- there was an assumption that the police were speaking the truth/ knew what they were talking about.


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