Warning to all politicians for the upcoming elections – by judith roumou

ST MAARTEN NEWS sxmgovernment.com

It’s known that I run hundreds of social sites, groups and pages on many different social platforms. My sites are the largest in viewership in the Caribbean, and we receive millions of views during certain weeks. I noted that there are a lot of old politicians, and new politicians trying to do their thing.

All I can say, is that you are NOT going to do your thing through me. NO ONE is allowed to post to ANY of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Instagram… etc etc etc. without specific permission from ME, Judith Roumou.

Where were these so called ‘Politicians for the People’, when I the LOCAL VOTER was continuously harassed and jailed??

Where were the SXM politicians?
Now I have the audience, and you need the vote!

In order for ANYONE to post to any group or page, you have to INBOX judith roumou on Facebook. Or email judithroumou@gmail.com…

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