The Good News And The Bad News Sxm Sint Maarten Elections 2016 – Judith Roumou


I awoke with my inbox exploding this morning. I wanted to sleep in, but these St Maarten politicians won’t let me.

So, here goes………….

The bad news is…

  1. My websites will be back up today! So we will be covering the Election Sxm 2016, from all fronts. I was forced to go to war with one of my web hosting companies. If you think that I am rough online, try dealing with Tech Support from my webhosting companies. It’s a good thing I deal in politics, and I’m used to dealing with pricks, because there’s been a battle going on behind the scenes… and there will be more to come. Some of my main sites went down over a week ago… I had to go to war with dozens of Tech Support Staff and Supervisors. I won the battle, now there is much ahead.
  2. In December 2015, I arrived in…

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