St Maarten Legalized Prostitution and A False Sense of Security


  1. The argument is not a moral one, most people (myself included) do not care if a woman- or a man- chooses to sell themselves for money. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with something or not, if it’s none of your business.
  2. There is more than one issue. One huge issue is that OUR GOVERNMENT OWNS THESE BROTHELS! There is a clear conflict. If you are a pimp or madam and you choose to run for office, you should be forced to give up any holdings or ties to your brothel.
  3. A bigger issue, would be the false sense of security presented to both locals and visitors alike concerning these ‘legal prostitutes’. The assumption is that because prostitution is government regulated, these (usually) female workers must be healthy and clean-WRONG!
  4. Look at the St Maarten infrastructure, the roads, drainage, sewage, buildings…… falling apart, no repairs, no upgrades. If you know…

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