Photos: Full Brenda Brooks Arrest, Latest From Sxm OM Openbaar Ministerie Public Prosecutors


These are being reblogged, because as usual the sites are under attack
OM Openbaar Ministerie are criminals, crooks, corrupted
Prosecutor’s Office Bulletin:
The Judge of instruction on Friday, February 24, 2017 deemed the arrest and detention of B.B. lawful. This means that the judge believes there are sufficient suspicions of involvement in bribing and human smuggling.
The Prosecutor decided however late this afternoon to send the suspect home due to medical emergency. The sick-bay at the house of detention does not have room for the female suspect.
attorney brenda brooks photos judith roumou st maarten news (30)
She remains a suspect in the Ostrich-investigation. The investigation continues.
De rechter commissaris heeft op vrijdag 24 februari de aanhouding en inverzekeringstelling van de verdachte B.B. rechtmatig geoordeeld. Dat betekent dat de rechter voldoende verdenking aanwezig acht voor betrokkenheid bij mensensmokkel en omkoping.
De officier van justitie heeft besloten om de verdachte aan het einde van de middag naar huis te sturen in…

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