Breaking News! No Criminal Charges Against Police Officer, KPSM urged to take disciplinary actions

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No Criminal Charges Against Police Officer, KPSM urged to take disciplinary actions

03-08-2022, 10:20

Aeronautical authority St. Maarten suspend operations of Dominican airlines As Of August 6

The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten OM SXM will not lay charges against Police Constable R. following a fact-finding investigation executed by the National Detectives [in Dutch: Landsrecherche].The investigation was in response to reports/complaints about the officer’s conduct towards colleagues.

The fact-finding investigation, called “Oleander”, has found insufficient evidence to qualify the officer’s actions as criminal offences. Based on the findings, the complainants, whose reports were the catalyst for the fact-finding investigation, have been informed of the outcome by OM SXM.

While no criminal charges will be laid, OM SXM, via the Attorney General, has urged KPSM to take necessary disciplinary actions as the behaviour of the officer should not go unchecked or unaddressed.

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