New Tribute To The Late Great Officer Gamali 2022

New Tribute To The Late Great Officer Gamali 2022

Your Father wore a badge,

He lived to lessen fears.
He wore his badge with pride
And justice was his dream,
He lived to serve and serving died,
And though it may not seem
That one cop’s death could make this island
A better place to be,
His life was where he took a stand
And forced the blind to see.
So stand tall , lift your head
And make your father proud,
Be strong in heart, for he’s not dead
Just lost among the crowd.
His dream lives on in his son,
Dedicated to the son and family of the later Officer Gamali “Benji” Benjamin

KPSM will never forget your dedication country Sint Maarten and this organization

58 Carwrecks Removed Territorial-Police Latest From The Frenchside. GREAT! – St Maarten News

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