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Let us keep Dr Friday in our prayers…


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police at the scene shooting dr. randall friday
police at the scene shooting dr. randall friday


LATEST: Dr Randall “Randy” Friday is said now to be in stable condition recovering in the Intensive Care Unit of the St Maarten Medical Center. Dr Friday was shot once in the back, and grazed by a second bullet in the corridor of his Gynecological Office at the Yogesh building. The incident occured at approx. 9 a.m. this morning. Several patients waiting for Dr. Friday witnessed the traumatic event. A witness rushed Dr. Friday to the St Maarten Medical Center. Dr Friday spent several hours on Wednesday afternoon undergoing emergency surgery to remove the bullet. The emergency surgery performed by St Maarten Medical Center surgeon, Dr Holiday was deemed a success


According to reports Dr Randall Friday was shot in the corridors at the of his gynacological office at the Yogesh Building. He is currently undergoing lifesaving, emergency surgery at The St Maarten Medical Center. And I will continue to research online and onland to get the latest updates.

“Gynecologist Dr. Randal Friday escaped with his life on Wednesday morning.

The young local specialist was shot by an unknown assailant as he entered the Yogesh Building in Cayhill where his practice is located.

Unconfirmed information states that approximately two shots were fired by the attacker and one of the bullets grazed the doctor.

He was carried to the hospital by a private car ahead of the ambulance which arrived shortly after he left the scene.

The doctor is alive and receiving treatment at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC).

The police is conducting an investigation.”



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THE HAGUE–Dutch Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk has informed the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament that he cannot respond publicly to reports that the Dutch secret service AIVD spied on Bonaire politicians.

He stated this in a letter he sent to Parliament on Tuesday. Parliament demanded a letter from the Dutch government last week Thursday after Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad revealed that the AIVD had spied on Ramonsito Booi and Burney El Hage of Bonaire’s UPB party from 2005 to 2010.

“It is not possible for me to publicly react to the article since I can never make public statements on the operational affairs of the AIVD,” stated Plasterk, adding that for this same reason, he could not publicly answer the written questions posed by Members of Parliament (MPs) Jeroen Recourt and Roelof van Laar of the Labour Party PvdA on this issue.

Plasterk stated that, in general, he could say that the AIVD operated within the framework of the Law on Intelligence and Security Agencies. The independent Supervisory Committee of Intelligence and Security Agencies CTIVD supervises the legitimacy of the AIVD operations, he said.

The Second Chamber has doubts whether the AIVD operations in Bonaire, carried out via an informant, were legal, as no permission had been sought from the government of the then-Netherlands Antilles. The operation also did not take place under the supervision of the Antillean security service VNA, which should have been the case.

Parliament is taking the matter very seriously. Several parties in Parliament already have announced that they will be bringing up the matter in today’s debate on the draft 2014 budget of Kingdom Relations.




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page1a164BELAIR–The hearing of the appeals in the Vesuvius case, the largest criminal investigation ever carried out in St. Maarten, kicked off Tuesday morning at Belair Community Centre. The first day of hearings was marked by the three-judge panel meticulously going through the extensive files containing the charges against the convicts, who largely declined to answer questions. The Vesuvius case involves the “volcano” of violence that erupted after Amador Jones was shot and killed near Under the Sun snack bar on Gladiola Road on April 16, 2011. Four days later, Amador Jones’ alleged hit man Omax “Mad Max” B., who currently is detained in St. Kitts and who has not been tried here yet, was shot at with a machine gun at a bus stop on A.Th. Illidge Road near the former Tan Tan Supermarket in Dutch Quarter. Bystander Kennedy Fergus also was shot at. Both men got away because the firearm malfunctioned. Alleged initiator of Amador Jones’ murder Miguel Arrindell was shot and killed by a spray of bullets near Simpson Bay Lagoon on May 25, 2011. His brother Rodolfo was shot and killed in front of his house on Fort Willem Road on July 7, 2011. Eric Lake and Kevin Gumbs were shot and killed at Cat’s Shopping Centre on A.Th. Illidge Road on August 17, 2011. A woman working at the centre’s hair salon was injured. The hearing in these cases will resume today, Wednesday, with Solicitor-General Taco Stein formulating the Prosecutor’s Office’s demands. His closing speech is expected to include the Prosecutor’s Office’s position on this month’s ruling of the Constitutional Court, which dismissed life sentences without parole. Main convicts Omar Jones (36) and Carlos Richardson (31), charged with murder, manslaughter, firearm possession and membership in a criminal organisation, were both sentenced to the highest possible sentence, life imprisonment, on November 15, 2012. The other five convicts are considered accomplices, involved with (attempted) murder and manslaughter, car theft, firearm possession and membership in a criminal organization. Andrew Davis (32), Doniel Thomas (27), Erno Labega (31), Ekron Morgan (36) and Charles Fleming (38) received prison sentences of between five and eight years, considerably lower than the sentences requested by the Prosecutor’s Office, which ranged between eight and 11 years. All convicts had filed appeals because they did not agree with their sentences and with the charges. The Prosecutor’s Office also has filed appeals in most cases. Fleming, who was sentenced to five years, at first seemed to consider retracting his appeal, but after brief consultations with attorney Safira Ibrahim he decided to go through with the procedure. The case against Andrew Davis, who received six years, was postponed until a later date because he had switched lawyers only recently. His new attorney, Jason Rogers, requested the postponement, which was granted. During a preliminary hearing, the Joint Court had ordered the hearing of eight witnesses. Two of these witnesses were heard on Tuesday. Efforts by the police to subpoena the six other witnesses proved futile, which led the judges to the conclusion that more efforts to summon them would be “needless.” Omax B. was among these witnesses. Despite a petition filed with the authorities in St. Kitts for his extradition to St. Maarten, and three requests for permission to question him in the presence of an attorney, Solicitor-General Stein informed the Court that B. had not yet been questioned. When confronted with the charges, the defendants declined to answer most questions. This changed somewhat as they were confronted with their alleged membership in a criminal organisation involved with murder, car theft and drugs. According to the Prosecutor’s Office the gang’s name was “Coming in Deadly.” Several convicts carry tattoos with the initials “CID” on their bodies, but this was merely a “family thing,” Labega explained. Omar Jones was the organisation’s “boss,” with Labega the second in command, and Richardson and Davis numbers three and four, in the prosecution’s view. “I’m a leader. I don’t have a boss and I’m not a boss,” Labega said in response. He had several run-ins with the law in the United States for dealing drugs between 2001 and 2007. All convicts, except for Morgan, have previous convictions mentioned in their criminal records. After the Solicitor-General’s closing statements, the lawyers will be pleading on their clients’ behalf. Morgan’s attorney Ralph Richardson is expected to be the first to mount the podium this afternoon. The other lawyers are expected to hold their pleadings on Thursday. The hearings are expected to be concluded on Friday. The Appeals Court is expected to give its decision in three weeks’ time.



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These are new pictures at the police department, when I ran into police officer Rasputin. I don’t like Rasputin, because twice he has illegally violated my rights as St Maarten, and both times he thought I would not remember his “gezicht”. He was the one who took me to that feces/shit covered cell when they tried to arrest me on bogus racism charges. And he is the one who illegally entered my property at 3 a.m HANDCUFFED me, and took me. I kept asking him what my charges were he refused to tell me. I’m supposed to get over all this shit they’ve pulled on me, but I won’t. I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED.

The only reason I’m going to the station is to schedule an appointment with Beryll and De Witte, I’ve been there 4 times now, same run around bullshit. I will be back, and each time I come in, I will record.

I told de Witte was there, but when I looked he’d disappeared…like magic.

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These are new pictures at the police department, when I ran into police officer Rasputin. I don’t like Rasputin, because twice he has illegally violated my rights as St Maarten, and both times he thought I would not remember his “gezicht”. He was the one who took me to that feces/shit covered cell when they tried to arrest me on bogus racism charges. And he is the one who illegally entered my property at 3 a.m HANDCUFFED me, and took me. I kept asking him what my charges were he refused to tell me. I’m supposed to get over all this shit they’ve pulled on me, but I won’t. I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. The only reason I’m going to the station is to schedule an appointment with Beryll and De Witte, I’ve been there 4 times now, same run around bullshit. I will be back, and each time I come in, I will record. I told de Witte was there, but when I looked he’d disappeared…like magic.

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Breaking news, this is one hour ago on the Pondside. There is also supposed to be a motorcycle accident, with a rider hit. Still working on that. More St Maarten accident insider coming up.

100 NEW UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL PHOTOS KING MURDER TRIAL: Meyshane Kemar Johnson, 28; Jeremiah Chevon Mills, 17; and Jamal Jefferson Woolford, 20 sentencing

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These are P.O.V. ( point of view photos) all suspects in the Thelma and Michael King murder trial. I’m experimenting with a ton of new video, animation and photo software. It may appear that some photos are duplicates, but they are not. These photos to have not been seen b4, because I just ran them throught the processor. More P.O.V. photos to come.


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peter de witte2

I took on The Prime Minister AND the WHOLE government. They’ve sent the police into my house 4 separate times, couldn’t get me on anything. They came with Haitians chopped down all the trees in the yard looking 4 marijuana plants nothing. They came into my house I wasn’t there. Took my taser, and my computer memory and Iphone….Nothing.

So yeah. That’s what people are starting to discover. The police have straight just run up in myhouse, 4 times in 4 years…NOTHING. I’ve survived  murder, my mom’s death, by best vriends death.

Name calling won’t stop me and when they kill me, I went out not as a victim but as a warrior, cuz i’m going down swinging.

The police came into my house snatched me at 3 in the morning. All they had to do was take me to “Turning Point” drug test me, and lock me away in rehab. They couldn’t do that because there were no drugs in my system. So they took me to Mental Health, Mental Health determined that there was nothing wrong with me and let me go. I were anybody else I would already be institutionalized, dead or on the streets. I took on the whole government. And I still stand.

The St Maarten Police have tried to discredit me……. but when they did a toxicology on me (CHECKED MY BLOOD/URINE) there’s was nothing. And that’s all in those RECORDS.

The police have tried to descredit me, along with the rest of the government who I criticize by accusing me of commiting crimes, by calling me a hacker…but in 4 years NO PROOF.

The police have the ability to know who’s using what in St Maarten, they know because they are the ones Wholesaling the drugs. The police are the ones bringing in the weight and distributing it to the boys on the block. ThereFore they always know who is using what, they call me names, because I know who in the police dept use what.

I know who in the police department on suspension 4 coke and crack RIGHT NOW!.

How many officers partying and shooting up nightclubs? High on coke, then you go into their social site photos, and you see that they are drunk and high in their pictures, throwing up gang symbols (I’ll post those pictures).

The drug economy in St Maarten goes like this:

Rogue Police and Rogue Immigration officials get thousands of kilos of heroin and cocaine through St Maarten. Most of it heads to North America or Europe, the rest stays and is divided among the dirty officers.

The police then sell wholesale to the “sellers” in the various districts. When the police know that the dealers are “flushed”, they then raid the retailers, and pose 4 pictures in the local papers about their “big”drug busts of these “small fish” retailers, when THEY WERE THE ORIGINAL WHOLESALERS!

I like to sit on my St Maarten beaches and smoke my marijuana spliff, if that makes me YOUR addict, then so be it.

When you lie about me, I’ll expose the truth about YOU and YOURS. TO MILLIONS…DAILY! :)

In my time (4) years in St Maarten, not once have the police been able to show anything more than marijuana , but in the time being, we had one Cocaine Cowboy Police officer taken out. And they called it an accident. Eventhough “E” died just like his best pal “K”. Same “accidental” death…Right, and you really think the St Maarten people are gonna believe that, because we don’t know that they screwed over the Colombians.

The St Maarten Police dept, ripped off the Colombians, had Colombian hitmen walking in the districts LOOKING 4 people!! And when the police involved died…they called it an “accident”.

As you can see police department, when you google St Maarten police you come straight to my sites.

There’s a reason 4 that.

Unlike your police who spend most of their time, drinking, harrassing underage girls, stealing Colombians cocaine, running around on the D.L, assaulting innocent citizens, I actually spend time perfecting my skills ON THE INTERNET.

In the past 4 years I’ve gone from 12.000 followers, to 2.2 million, mostly in Holland and frances.

How do you think one St Maarten blog can bring in 10.000 to 40.000 views per day….with absolutely zero overhead?

In the 4 years since I’ve been every name in the book, I am now going on almost 600 sites, that actually are starting to bring in revenue.

The police are called government dogs 4  a reason. They are called that because when you attack government, government won’t dare get their hands dirty, they simply shove some cash in a rogue police hand…even $50 dollars, and they’ll do it, they’ll commit an illegal act.

When you accuse me of things with no evidence no nothing other than to discredit me, you need to realize something.
EVERYONE knows what I’ve been called by the government, by the politicians, by people who I make nervous, but not ONCE has anybody demanded evidence. When I say Romain Laville lied, I post his video!.

Now you’ve had 4 years to slander and discredit me, and you’ve helped me to build a huge audience.

When Police like Claudie Rogers runs around slandering me, calling me names to DOZENS of people, when I run around online calling him names….It’s to Millions of people.

The St Maarten police have dissed and harrassed me… :) that’ okay,

because when you look at the stats/hits/views on all my 600 blogs, 100 youtubes, and 100 pages, groups and sites… you’ll see that I diss you to MILLIONS DAILY!!!

How does it feel to try to degrade someone, and have them flip the script on you?

I think St Maarten Police should be randomly drug tested….AND SO SHOULD I :)

then we know who’s lying.

Lot’s more online demolition going on today. :)



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Dear Ashley TRUST NO MAN AT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. Right now the Marechuesseuse ( I can’t spell it :) ) investigating the VKS and the Control Unit. The Landsrecherche investigating the St Maarten Police Dept. The Police Department watching certain people at the VKS……… AND THE DUTCH INVESTIGATING EVERYBODY!!!

And you KNOW that it’s just coming out that Dutch Intelligence, went “wiretapping” crazy. They were even commiting CRIMES, tapping Antillians ILLEGALLY just to get some dirt. But it’s not just the Dutch. There are questons of James Richardson and the VDSM ILLEGALLY tapping locals. Something very fishy is going on with Sarah and the VDSM.

When I speak on a St Maarten phone, I simply assumed that it’s being tapped.

You catch my drift? Can’t say I never gave you nothing in life…….I just gave you the world’s best advice.

I will take my eyes off the police department, to focus on Hans Mos, Taco Stein, and their corrupt, dirty little ruffians at the Prosecutor Office.

It don’t matter what you pull, if you can’t make it stick :)


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PHILIPSBURG–Helena Jewellers in Front Street was the target of an armed robbery on Sunday, November 24. Shortly before 12:00pm, three masked men forced themselves into the establishment, after gun butting the security guard in the face several times. After gaining access to the store, and threatening those inside with firearms, the robbers managed to get away with several trays of gold earrings from the display counter by running towards Cannegieter Street. They were seen getting inside a grey vehicle, after which they made off, possibly in the direction of Sucker Garden. Paramedics were called to treat the security guard, and a search of the area was conducted without success. The Special Robbery Unit is investigating this case; police would like any members of the public, who may have witnessed anything suspicious or who have any information on this case to come forward.

the daily herald source



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Hi Claudie, I see that you’re now Youtube Famous. This is you flipping out on me, in a rage, in the middle of children’s carnival. I have a series of photos of you in a rage for NO reason, and Elektra Voltage was right there watching you, and wondering like all those little kids.

Why would I post this photo now?

Because I was thinking of assholes in the St Maarten police department, and you were the 1st person to pop into my mind.

Remember now Claudie…am I giving you flashbacks yet?

Your Supervisor, the Dutch guy had to come over to apologize 4 you!


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SIMPSON BAY–A number of prison guards are being investigated about serious misconduct matters. A large investigation is ongoing about illegal activities inside the prison cells at the Simpson Bay Police Station.

Prison Director Edward Rohan was recently made aware by two different sources that people may have been allowed to enter the holding facility of the police station outside of approved visiting hours. After asking those sources for detailed information, he immediately started an investigation.

A few different women are said to have entered the prison area in the night time, only to reappear a few hours later. The women had no legal reason, nor official authority to be in the prison. It is believed that the women involved have a relative inside the prison.

The prison guards suspected of being involved were subsequently suspended.

Edward Rohan described the information as “shocking.” “All prison guards are fully aware of our policies and regulations. When I started this job in August 2012, I spoke to all the guards and I made it very clear to them that corruption will not be tolerated. Whatever happened in the past, it stops now because I will not tolerate it.”

Rohan is visibly saddened by the fact that his orders seem to have been ignored in this case. “But of course, the investigation is not yet complete. The local police are involved and detectives are investigating, so at this stage I want to get to the bottom of exactly what has happened. It is very important at this stage not to publish too much information, because this could seriously damage the investigation.”

Rohan further mentioned a separate ongoing investigation, about prisoners from different parts of the prison having been allowed to spend time together in an unauthorized manner. In this case he also stresses that the investigation is still ongoing, and that it is too early as yet to give exact details about what exactly has taken place.officer-van-de-schaap-aka-asshole.jpg


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Because there are over 3000+ photos of St Maarten’s Day 2013, and the Royal visit. I won’t upload them all here. You can scroll down on the frontpage of this site to the flicker photo account, which will be to the right of the page. Click on the flicker photo stream to see EVERYBODY who was at/participated in The St Maarten’s Day parade 2013. Plus the Students greeting the Dutch King. No more blogs today :) here’s the link:

stmaartendays2013 (11) 031

120 PHOTOS PART 4 ST MAARTEN’S DAY 2013 CELEBRATIONS IN THE VILLAGE all photos videos judith roumou

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