judith roumou

Judith Regina Roumou born in Philipsburg St Maarten, 1975. Attended the Imelda Kindergarten, the Old Pondside and Sister Magda Elementary school.

Attended both Dutch (Milton Peters College) and English (St Maarten Academy) highschool. Attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois and took courses at Harris Stowe State University in St Louis Missouri.

Worked briefly as a teacher with Head Start, Upward Bound and the State of Missouri.

Began blogging and vlogging in 2007

Began videography in 2008

Started the Caribbean Online Network in 2009, and began photography in 2009

Over 700 online sites dedicated to St Maarten, The Caribbean and dance.

There are also dozens of sites and pages dedicated to the Cultures and community of St Maarten.

Between carnivals, and boat cruises Judith Roumou also covers St Maarten politics, the government along with the police and crime.

Judith Roumou has drawn criticism for her raw attacks on the policies of the government, and for tackling issues such as police abuse.

The St Maarten government is very unhappy with Judith Roumou, but so far has been unable to supress her freedom of speech.

Judith Roumou has been attacked and slandered by Hilbert Haar/Richard Gibson senior at the Today Paper as a political favor for the St Maarten Democratic Party.

She has also been attacked by legedary Guyanese slanderer Bibi Shaw Hodge, who’s websites numbers have dwindled since Judith Returned to her native country, and started revealing the true behind the scenes activities of the government, politicians and police.

Currently Judith Roumou has garnered over 50 million views through her vlogsites on Youtube

and over 15 million views on her various blogs and websites

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