Who say St Maarten police are lazy? They are always busy………effing with locals. Now look at these pictures carefully, and tell me what you see. In the background you see that monstrosity that our government call the “NEW GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION BUILDING”. It’s costing St Maarteners millions a year to maintain it but the only people activaly working their are prostitutes and pimps. I have the up close and personal pictures. So this officer is doing his job, but who’s going after the con artist, who set up that new government building scheme, who’s making money hands over fists on the lease, the GOVERNMENT CONTINUES TO PAY LEASE TO THEO HEYLIGER AT THE OLD GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, AS THEY PAY MILLIONS IN LEASE ON THE NEW BUILDING WHERE THE ONLY WORK GOING ON IS HOOKING, because the place is strewn with used condoms. I can prove this, there’s an abandoned trailer in the front yard of this building, it’s worst than a trailer park. This lady will pay more for her ‘crime’ of parking in the wrong area, than our government will ever pay or that million dollar government whorehouse in the background. By the way, this is one of the cool officers in the dept. This is just my perspective on our criminal system. I will work on being nice today.


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